Tiffany Dodson, Associate Market Editor at SELF

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Basically all that I have to say here is that I stalk Tiffany on social media (let’s be real, social media is just IG, right?) and think she is one of the most EFFORTLESSLY CHILL people I have ever encountered. She’s also really nice and smart and blah blah blah blah (I love how we’ve entered an era in which ~chill~ just trumps all genuine personality traits cool cool cool). But truly - Tiffany is one of those people that you 100% idolize before you meet. She also has a super interesting job and killer style and is just generally a fantastic human. Ok. Fangirl intro complete. Read on (I swear this post is less annoying from here out….)


1. First of all, what is the “coolest” thing about you?

Jury's out on whether I'm really that cool, but I have been told that my personality is pretty fire. Plus, I wear a hoop nose ring and occasionally appear on SELF's Snapchat Discover page, so there's that.

2. What is the least “cool” thing about you?

I'm a sucker for musicals and old films (I'm talking from the '40s through the '90s) and also a die-hard awards show fan. You couldn't pay me to miss the Golden Globes, SAG Awards, Grammys, or the Oscars.

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3. I know that I find myself comparing my career and achievements to people on IG literally everyday (super fun). Do you ever look at others’ careers & compare yours to them? If so, is there any self talk you use to get rid of negative comparison thoughts?

I used to compare myself in general to other people IRL and on Instagram, but then I came to the realization that everyone has their own path. How can I be focused on living my best life if I'm worried about what other people are doing? There's room at the table for everyone.

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“Jury's out on whether I'm really that cool, but I have been told that my personality is pretty fire. Plus, I wear a hoop nose ring.”

4. So, when I used to freelance write, I had so many insecurities. I would always struggle with worrying that I wasn’t naturally a “good writer” or that I had a weak voice or (I could go on and on). You’ve written for a LOT of pubs - do you ever struggle with this? Is it hard to prove yourself & your writing skills at each one, or do you gain confidence along the way?

I think I've grown a lot since I first started writing, but I also know there's always something new to learn. It can sometimes be difficult for me to feel confident in my writing when I get major edits on a piece, but I try to look at every critique as an opportunity to become a stronger writer. It's all about keeping the right perspective for me, which has made it easier to gain confidence in my work (and myself) over the years.

5. You always look so effortlessly cool & beautiful on IG (as I type this I just opened my IG and you were there looking so damn cool again in a leopard jacket like COME ON). Is having a cool social presence something that you feel goes hand in hand with being an editor? Do you feel any pressure around your IG image or is that something you feel comes naturally to you?

You're too kind—thank you so much! I do feel that there is an undercurrent in the fashion/beauty editorial space to have a social media presence nowadays, primarily on Instagram. I don't really feel pressure around my image because I'm not the type of person to put on airs—what you see is always what you get with me.

6. What are the 2 challenges you’re most proud of overcoming since you’ve started your career as a writer?

My AP English teacher from high school would be probably be happy to know that I've become much better at elaboration and my use of the oxford comma.

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7. If you could tell someone who wanted your life but thought they weren't "cool enough" just ONE THING, what would you tell them?

My life is definitely not as easy or as glamorous as it may look, and is the result of years of resilience and determination (and occasional sweat). Also, cool is relative—chances are, you're pretty dope already.

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