this is me eating free bread at a wedding, which is all i ever do at weddings

this is me eating free bread at a wedding, which is all i ever do at weddings


Have you guys ever had a mental breakdown?

It's this cool, fun, DARE I SAY ~CHILL~?? thing that happens when you operate at a certain pace for so long that when one thing goes wrong, instead of being like "ah no worries mate that's just one thing in the course of a life full of shit things," you react disproportionately.

You're going so goddamn fast — that instead of a little fender bender, you have yourself a full 34 car pileup, and within 10 minutes you find yourself curled up into a ball on the floor of your east village apartment because you have a bunked bed and it's way too hot for a mental breakdown up there. 

Anyhow. That's why I started Fake Cool. Basically, I figured - that in a city full of therapy-seeing-overachievers, I can't be the only one sitting here looking at my "semi successful" life asking myself WHAT HAVE I DONE? AM I EVEN REAL? DID I JUST FAKE EVERYTHING UNTIL I GOT HERE? IS SOMEONE GOING TO EXPOSE MY INADEQUACIES AND FORCE ME BACK INTO THE PILE OF NOTHINGNESS FROM WHENCE I CAME??

Basically, this is just a hub for people to be honest about what keeps them up at night, what they worry about on Sundays, what they wish they could say when asked about their "weaknesses" in job interviews, and what they tell their mom on frantic calls while wiping their snotty tears away with their ~super chic~ $300 blouse sleeve in an alley in midtown manhattan (just me?). 

It’s a place to celebrate that we all work really fucking hard, and that none of us (and when I say us, know that I say this abstractly and am in no way referring to yours truly) popped into this world killing it.

It's basically just a go-to for anyone who's ever been nervous deep down that they're not …. well, “cool” enough (AKA all humans).

Because if cool is fake, we're all (fake) cool. 


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